MAKUP founder Veronica McAleer is an internationally acclaimed, Oscar nominated and Emmy award winning Makeup and Hair Designer.

Veronica McAleer

Veronica McAleer

Time for the fourth module on the Intensive Set Ready course ? The Art of Illusion ? Believable Blood and SFX.

To me, blood is an art form. In terms of a film, it should help to tell the story. While visually conveying what has happened, the blood effects shouldn’t take over or swamp the atmosphere.

The key thing to remember is that LESS IS MORE! Too much gore is distracting, while not enough can detract from the story’s believability. And if the injury just doesn’t match the action in the scene, it can spoil the sequence completely.

Above is some of the work I did as personal makeup artist to Paul Bettany for the film Priest, which was shot in Los Angeles.