Jessica graduated in January 2018 and writes:

At the beginning of September 2017 I was starting my journey to become a makeup artist and commencing my course at the MAKUP Academy. I had no idea how much this course would develop my skills and change me as a person. I applied for the course because I had a passion for makeup and wanted to start a career in the field that I loved. However, I had never really made anyone up before except myself or a few friends, so my skills and experience were mediocre. I went into MAKUP a shy and not very confident 18 year old and now I feel like my confidence has rocketed. I feel 100% comfortable making someone up and I feel like I have a very good ‘trained eye’. All of this is thanks to Veronica and all the effort she put into making me a good trainee makeup artist.

Veronica had a lot of faith in me during my 4 months with her and she demonstrated that with all the extra help and guidance she gave me. For example, there was a stage in my portfolio week where I felt that one of my looks wasn’t particularly good and I was willing to give up and just leave it. But Veronica had a lot of patience with me on that day and refused to let me give in – she point-blank refused! She then spent a lot of time helping me to get that look perfected and now, when I see the pictures, I am so pleased that I didn’t give in. I truly couldn’t have done that if Veronica didn’t have my back the whole way through it.

In fact, there were a few occasions where I was struggling with a look that I had to produce and couldn’t perfect it, and sometimes I became very emotional because I couldn’t do it. Veronica could see that, so she decided to give up her own time at the end of the day to stay with me and make me practice until I got it. I believe that the majority of other schools wouldn’t have done that. But Veronica does not let her students go into the working world without the highest standard of skills and I think that Veronica is a excellent mentor for having that mentality towards her students.

At the end of the course Veronica got everyone a work placement and mine was on a student film. I was very apprehensive that I wouldn’t do very well on the job and instead would completely mess it up! I went onto the job very nervous and while on the film I realised how much I loved being on set and just how good the training was that I had received at the MAKUP Academy. Throughout the job I would find myself remembering and doing little tricks that Veronica had taught me, to make a look that little bit more real and thinking ‘would Veronica like the look of that?’ or ‘what would Veronica want me to change?’. This way of thinking gave me an extra boost of confidence and put me at ease. It made me realised just how generous and committed Veronica was, and dedicated to making us all into excellent makeup artists.

Veronica McAleer is an amazing makeup designer and it has been a pleasure to be taught by such a talented and experienced lady. I will truly miss being a student at the MAKUP Academy, but cannot wait to go into the industry knowing that I have had the best training possible and have been prepared fully for my career.

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