I’ve recently started a job at the Birmingham Rep Theatre working on the wigs for the show ‘The Hundred and One Dalmations’. Veronica recommended me to Andy Whiteoak (the hair and makeup designer who set up the show originally) to help with some knotting work. Veronica supported me and offered to spend a day practicing knotting before I met with Andy, and I then spent a couple of days working alongside him to prepare for the show.

Furthermore, I was offered the position of wigs and make up/2nd dresser for the show which runs until January 2018!

Before the show started I was involved in meeting the cast for fittings and attended all the technical rehearsals. Overall there are 5 wigs with 2 being front lace wigs and there is also 1 set of sideburns and a moustache.

My duties include:

  • setting wigs in rollers
  • redressing wigs before and in between shows
  • applying lace wig, glueing down with a quick change of 2 mins into another lace wig
  • applying sideburns and moustache using toupee tape and glue with a quick change being removed under 60 seconds
  • cleaning lace in between shows, blocking wigs and restyling
  • styling an Afro wig
  • 1930’s hair “up do”

I am also responsible for keeping on top of stock levels and ensuring enough materials are around for myself and the cast.

Show routine – 45 minute call:

  • hair “up do”
  • apply sideburns and moustache
  • apply front lace wig, glue down
  • other 3 wigs are put on
  • show starts

I am also a dresser, where I help out the cast with costume quick changes and do all wig quick changes backstage.

Megan Hipkiss, MAKUP Graduate

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