Kara McAleer

Kara McAleer

Kara McAleer, graduate, writes:

Each day a trainee will do up a rota of jobs for the following day, so that all jobs will be distributed fairly.

This will include the following tasks:

  • Looking after boards, which involves giving fitting sheets to every supporting artist, so
    that the artists are able to recreate the look
    from the images.
  • Wigs – making sure all supporting artists were given the correct wigs to be fitted with.
  • There was over 70 artists, so each row had a trainee on it. They had to ensure to:
    • Make teas and coffees.
    • Assist any makeup artists whether it was passing up, cleaning brushes, getting water and general cleaning of artists’ area.
    • Getting breakfast for their row.
    • Seating supporting artists with any makeup artists that were free.
    • After Call, making sure all makeup stations were clean and tidy.
    • Sweeping each row and changing bin bags.
  • Cleaning the kitchen and barbering station throughout the day.
  • Restocking the kitchen with tea bags, milk etc.
  • Making sure there are enough hot flannels for over 600 supporting artists and putting on washes throughout the day.
  • Craft runs – asking makeup artists if they would like tea, coffees, juice from Craft throughout the day.
  • General tidying of Crowd Room when needed.
  • Checking hair and makeup boxes to see if anything needs to be ordered.
  • Shop runs, going to Tescos or Salon Services and buying any stock that is low.
  • De-rigging all supporting artists at the end of the day and once again checking all stations and crowd room was tidy.

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