MAKUP founder Veronica McAleer is an internationally acclaimed, Oscar nominated and Emmy award winning Makeup and Hair Designer.

Veronica McAleer

Veronica McAleer

The Intensive Set Ready Course(it went in a blink of an eye) seemed like magic. 4 months of intense learning taught me not only techniques but also a thought process which helps me recognize the potential to improve my work as and when required. The one on one attention was fantastic, I was guided at every step and pushed to excel. I walked in a rookie and walked out a confident young women who can do finger waves finally! I never imagined myself doing them successfully especially during a one year course in college but a 30 minute demo changed my perspective. I couldn’t be more thankful to Veronica for picking up my wrongs, putting me on track to success & also for giving me a work opportunity while on course. Work experience while on the course gave me that boost of confidence which I lacked.

Veronica doesn’t shy away from sharing her immense knowledge. She will readily give out her pro tips which has gained personally through 34 years of experience in this industry. She’s been very kind and helpful at every step on the way, even if it means staying after hours or helping from home.

I would definitely recommend this amazing course to anyone who wants to work in this field.

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