Lance Breakwell graduated from the MAKUP Academy in March of this year. He has had a sensational time since then!:

  • beating contenders from across the UK to be crowned the nation’s best up-and-coming stylist in “Create the Look 2017”; and
  • spending 5 weeks working as a full-time paid trainee on Tim Burton’s live action remake of the classic Disney film ‘Dumbo’.

As if that wasn’t enough, through a contact he made on ‘Dumbo’ Lance has now secured work on the first big production film to be shot in Saudi Arabia! It’s a brand new experience for everybody and literally history in the making.

Lance has been given the role of one of two Head Trainees! He has already spent a week on preparation in London and is looking forward to spending 5 weeks on-set in the desert! Lance is going to be mainly working on special effects, so delivering a great deal of wounds, blood and gore! Lance says “what more could a guy want?!”.

You can read more about the new film by Agustí Villaronga, Born a King, here.

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