Recent graduate Georgia (January 2018) is keen to recommend the course:

Work Opportunities

Graduating from Veronica’s Academy in February, I have already been lucky enough to receive paid work within the theatre industry. I have contributed towards the recent production of “Brief Encounter” at The Rep Theatre in Birmingham, working alongside Andrew Whiteoak, freelance wig maker and makeup artist. My first task was to re-front a wig for the understudy. Before this, I had only ever knotted a beard and moustache for my portfolio pictures, so going onto knotting wig fronts was slightly scary at the time – it definitely got easier throughout!

On my first day working with Andy at the Rep, I got the chance to watch him do a number of wig fittings, haircuts and give makeup advice to the cast. I was also lucky enough to watch part of the rehearsals and then got the chance to watch the final production, which was amazing!

I loved having the chance to experience what it is like working within the theatre and meeting all the incredible cast.

Straight after finishing that project, also re-fronted another wig, which is for “Awful Auntie” by David Walliams. I am thoroughly enjoying the experience and the knowledge that I am gathering through these projects.

After only starting a couple of weeks ago, I am proud of myself and love how the wigs really come together after Andy styles them beautifully. The finished results are so impressive and satisfying!

Studying with MAKUP

Throughout the 4 month course, I learnt so many new skills and now feel confident in myself to go into the makeup world. Before joining the MAKUP Academy I had been studying at UCB on the specialist hair and media makeup course – however, after 5 months of studying there, I did not think it was the place for me. Personally, I thought there was not enough practical work within the course and I did not think that I would been able to gain the skills and knowledge that I needed to get into the industry. I am a very creative person and love to be hands-on and practical; I did not think that UCB would allow me to express my creative ideas.

Joining the MAKUP Academy was the best decision I have ever made, it is simply the best way to learn many skills and prepare you for the real world. Within the first few weeks of the course I had already learnt more than I did in the whole 5 months at UCB.

During the course, we completed a series of modules involving tasks such as period hair, finger waving, 60’s beehives, ageing and breaking down, making and applying bald caps, creating cuts and bruises, face casting and making prosthetic pieces. And that’s just a few!  Every day we would complete practical, high standard, tasks; these really helped us work professionally and become faster. Before taking pictures of our work, we would receive constructive feedback every time, which helped us to improve tremendously and learn for next time. Veronica was always there to help whenever we needed, and would always help us individually.

As someone who has come from a university course, I truly believe that the standard of training at MAKUP Academy is much higher and professional. Veronica not only teaches her outstanding skills, but also helps you to prepare for the industry and jobs in the future.

Also, the course fees are cheaper than a whole year at university! You are able to learn everything you need to know to become a trainee makeup artist within 4 months rather than 3 years. Veronica is very passionate about her job and always had endless amounts of information and “secret top tips” to give us, which I never got at university.

At the end of the course, we started working towards our portfolio week, which is where we had a week to produce five different looks such as period male, period female, fashion, special effects and character. All of the group were given individual time slots for the professional pictures to be taken – this helped us to work quickly but still be professional. The portfolio week really gave us the chance to show off all of the skills that we had learnt during the course and discover how to overcome any problems on our own.

I have now graduated from the course and received a certificate from the Academy, which qualifies me as a trainee hair and makeup artist. After finishing the course, Veronica is still there helping us out and recommending us for jobs and work experience. I have gained a range of wonderful portfolio pictures, hundreds of fantastic skills and brilliant friends who also made my experience on the course fantastic.

I am so proud of myself for what I have achieved within these 4 months and I cannot thank Veronica enough! This is definitely just the beginning!

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