Recent graduate Aimee writes:
“We recently had the amazing opportunity as trainees to accompany Veronica on a job for the BBC Young Musician 2018 awards. This was my first glimpse of a TV production. Veronica prepares you for what to expect as a trainee beforehand, so this was a chance to put it into action. Veronica and I were working alongside Paul Gooch (BAFTA winning Hair and Makeup Designer) and Leannah Carer (a previous student of MAKUP).
I was asked by Paul to help out on a contestant’s hairstyling while he applied the makeup, and then Paul requested for me to come back the following day to do the same. This was a real honour and I really felt that all the training I had with hairstyling and speed at MAKUP kicked in. For a makeup designer to recognise that was a real confidence boost.
I also had the opportunity to apply makeup to the accompianists of the musicians and to sit in on the pre-recorded interviews with the musicians and carry out checks when needed.  I really felt comfortable and confident when left to do checks as, all through the course, Veronica prepares you for any type of situation.
Being able to spend a second day on the production was more than I had anticipated and was very exciting. I have also recently been approached as a trainee for a big film in London.
Veronica is constantly prepping us for what we need to know and the support you receive after the course is incredible. I honestly thought I would be left to my own devices when the course finished, however Veronica is still very present and supportive. The teaching doesn’t end when the course ends, which I have never seen in any other school or academy!
Veronica’s recommendations have got me plenty of jobs and experiences already in 2 months.”
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