I have just finished my second job since graduating from the MAKUP Academy. I did two weeks’ paid work, working on a period drama TV production which will be shown on the Drama Channel. This was my first time working as a trainee makeup artist on a production and I did not know quite what to expect! I worked alongside a great team of artists on the main makeup bus; everyone was very welcoming from day one throughout.

This job was an amazing opportunity to have and I would not have had that chance if it were not for Veronica and studying at the Academy! I really feel like Veronica gets you ready to work in the industry and prepares you as much as she can. I think this really helped make the experience easier, as I knew the kind of tasks that would need to be carried out.

It was a huge step for me as it was the first time being away from home and working the long hours that is required if I want to work in this industry. I actually really enjoyed traveling around to different locations, and getting the chance to go onto set to help assist the makeup artist, which trainees do not usually get to do.

Some of the tasks that I carried out were:

  • Making tea and coffee
  • Breakfast and lunch orders
  • Cleaning and tidying the makeup bus
  • Organising the set bags
  • Blocking and washing wigs
  • Blow drying wigs
  • Taking pictures of all actors for continuity
  • Always being on where the artists are in case they need something right away
  • Cleaning brushes
  • Setting out makeup stations in the morning before the cast come in
  • Tidying stations at the end of the day
  • Preparing hot towels at the end of the day after Wrap
  • Setting out cleansers, toners and wipes at the end of the day

It was amazing to be able to watch the artists while they worked and get to see the hard work and effort that goes into each character and how they maintain the hair and makeup for the whole time whilst shooting.

I really enjoyed the experience and I have met so many talented people and contacts. This has definitely been a great start to my career and really cannot wait to see what comes next! I would love the chance to explore all different jobs in the industry such as film, theatre, fashion shoots, so I can really find out where I want to be and what I want to be doing.

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