On Thursday 8th Feb I graduated from the MAKUP Academy and  on Sunday 11th I started work experience on a documentary/drama called ‘Reflections’ with an award-winning director, Rob Brown.
I was very excited to receive my very first call sheet with my name on from the production company! When I arrived at the location I was surprised to see such an intimate team. Rob put me at ease straight away and introduced me to the rest of the team – we were shooting the documentary part of the film, about Rob’s script which he had written about his childhood.
Rob was about to interview his father and I was given responsibility for getting him camera-ready. I checked the camera for any shine and then we began filming, with Rob and his father reading the script. I also participated and read any female parts out too – it was thrilling to be a part of the production!
Even though we were filming outside on a very cold day it was worth every minute and it definitely made me realise that enrolling at MAKUP Academy was the best thing I’ve ever done. If I can be happy outside, in the cold, doing a job I love, then training with MAKUP was definitely worth every penny.
We continued to film in various other locations over the next four days and I really enjoyed myself – I am very grateful to Veronica for recommending me.
I also had my first paid role based on the recommendation of Andy Whiteoak, who I worked with when Veronica sent me to the Birmingham Rep for a day’s work experience.
My learning and experience from the MAKUP course has filled me with confidence that I can take on any task that is put my way. I can see first-hand that we have had the best training, particularly when compared to other schools at the same level. Veronica’s vast amount of knowledge of this industry is unmatched and I know 100% that I made the right choice in choosing MAKUP Academy.

Aimee Whiteley, MAKUP Graduate

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