I wish there where more stars to give because this course is beyond 5*s
I had an amazing Experience and would highly recommend for anyone who wants to be a MUA, Veronica is an amazing teacher and being taught by someone who is an award winning make up artist who is so humble, caring and an all round great person is a blessing. Before this course I had not even put someones hair into a ponytail but in a short period of time I was finger waving and doing all sorts of crazy hairstyles and to a really high standard thanks to Veronica, I never thought id love doing hair so much and have found a real passion for it.
Within only a week of Graduating from MAKUP Academy I got a message from Veronica asking if I wanted to take part along side a former MAKUP graduate Becky on a pilot for a potential children’s drama for CITV, of course I snapped up the opportunity and thanks to Veronica’s training I was prepared and ready to go. A little bit anxious but super excited and knowing Veronica had paired me up with a former graduate with experience put me at ease. I had so much fun and really enjoyed myself and met some great people and made some great contacts. I got on so well with Becky and Veronica asked if together we wanted to do a Music video that was coming up so of course I bit her fingers off for the opportunity 🙂
Also Veronica has kept in touch and has helped me with contacts and sent potential jobs to send CVs to. I’ll be forever grateful for Veronica and all the amazing things I’ve learned and achieved at the MAKUP academy
Charlotte Veasey – Graduate 2019

It was a pleasure to have 2 MAKUP students work on our Music Video shoot. We would have expected the same amount of professionalism from experienced stylists in the industry. Becky and Charlotte were punctual, positive and super talented. We felt very lucky to have them involved. Thank you MAKUP!

Luke Galloway –  Producer

I have recently completed The Intensive Set Ready Course. It consisted of 4 of intensive training covering a range of different skills and techniques covered in Film and Media Makeup. This was a complete career change for me as the last 10 years of my working life have largely revolved around the pharmaceutical industry and community pharmacy. I was extremely lucky to have trained under Veronica McAleer. She spent a great deal of her time teaching me techniques that she has learnt in the industry and imparting her knowledge and skills on her trainees.

I had an amazing time as Veronica gives her all in one-to-one sessions with her students. me, Veronica’s courses were preferable as I have other commitments like being a busy mum and wife. The 4 months went incredibly fast, and it is exactly as described, intensive. I gave it my all and put everything I had into it as this was something completely new for me. I can now successfully produce finger waves which I loved creating for my final shoots and feel very proud of what I achieved. Veronica kept me on track, and I am grateful for all the wisdom she passed on during each of the modules. I was pushed to produce high quality and professional looks that would pass in the real industry and on production sets.

After completing the course, I now have a better understanding of what it takes to be a Film and TV Makeup trainee. I am looking forward to widening my skillset and gaining work experience within the industry. It was great being involved in the Makup Academy training environment. I was given the opportunity to meet and train with talented professionals and other trainees. Veronica also gave me the opportunity to work with some previous students at a fashion show which I was very grateful for. Here I had the opportunity to put my skills which I learnt at the academy into practice.

Thank you Veronica for this opportunity and good luck to all future trainees, who I’m sure will love being on this course.

Nargis SaleemGraduate 2019

I contacted the academy when I required some make up artists who were competent in creating looks for the magazine which I run. Veronica, the owner, has put me in touch with make up artists who always completed an amazing job for the work I required. I have sourced five make up artists over the past year who have studied at this academy, and their work was of very high standard. I highly recommend any student who has trained under Veronica’s teachings.

Berenice CharlotteEditor of Millieum Magazine

The Intensive Set Ready Course(it went in a blink of an eye) seemed like magic. 4 months of intense learning taught me not only techniques but also a thought process which helps me recognize the potential to improve my work as and when required. The one on one attention was fantastic, I was guided at every step and pushed to excel. I walked in a rookie and walked out a confident young women who can do finger waves finally! I never imagined myself doing them successfully especially during a one year course in college but a 30 minute demo changed my perspective. I couldn’t be more thankful to Veronica for picking up my wrongs, putting me on track to success & also for giving me a work opportunity while on course. Work experience while on the course gave me that boost of confidence which I lacked.
Namrita Kaur– Graduate 2019

A truly great experience working with the incredibe talent of MAKUP on my short film Blood. The award winning Veronica McAleer has an amazing team of professional make-up artists who raised our production to another level. Namrita discussed every aspect of the scenes and made the whole process effortless. The team were friendly, accommodating and seriously patient; an absolute credit to Veronica and MAKUP. Look forward to working together on future productions. Highly recommended to all!
Producer at Smashed Arc Films

I completed the 16-week intensive course earlier this year; it was hard work but definitely worth it. As a tutor, Veronica pushes you to be the best you can be, her 30 years of experience means she can provide a huge insight into the Makeup world. The techniques I learned in each module helped me to excel and pushed me towards starting my dream career as a MUA. If you’re driven, hardworking and devoted this course can really take you places
Evie NixxGraduate 2019

As a recent graduate from the MAKUP Academy, I am filled with accomplishment, confidence and the knowledge to begin my career as a Hair and Makeup Trainee. MAKUP Academy has gone beyond my expectations, Veronica offers us Triple A* Star training, Ability, Aptitude and Attitude and there’s no doubt that is achieved. The standard of training we receive is exceptional, we are given one to one tuition as Veronica keeps a small class of students. For myself this was a major factor when comparing and finding the right course, Universities and other Makeup courses can have up to 30 plus students. I feel extremely lucky to benefit from Veronica’s award winning experience, reputation and contacts. I highly recommend the 16 week Set Ready Course for anyone wanting to start a career in Hair and Makeup for Film, TV and Theatre. You won’t find this level of expertise anywhere else.

Daisy Williams – Graduate 2018

I recently graduated from MAKUP Academy and can honestly say it was the best decision i’v made. After deciding on a major career change at 30 i was nervous to get back into learning and had no prior training in makeup or hairstyling, but i can honestly say Veronica makes the course what it is! Amazing! With her 30 years knowledge of the industry in TV and film. The set ready training really fills you with confidence and sets you up for a career in this industry. Not only does she provide amazing training throughout the 16weeks when the course finishes Veronica helps you find work experience and jobs too, I had already been offered 2 paid jobs before the course was complete. I am so excited for the future thanks to this course and Veronica and can honestly say i’m proud to be apart of the MAKUP family. Definately reccomend! Dont hesitate! Just do it!

Aimee Whitley – Gradute 2018

What an amazing experience! If you want to become a hair and makeup artist and get into film and TV, I couldn’t recommend the MAKUP Academy more. Veronica is a fantastic teacher and makeup artist with 30+ years of experience. Veronica has so many skills and so much knowledge to share with everyone! I have recently graduated from the Academy; I have learnt so much in just 16 weeks and feel confident enough now to go out into the world of makeup. Before graduating, I was lucky enough to have been recommended by Veronica for a job working with wigs in the theatre, Which has now turned into paid work! After being at University for 5 months I knew it wasn’t right for me, but studying at the MAKUP Academy was the best decision I have ever made. I have learnt so many new skills and made friends for life! A massive thank you to Veronica for her constant and continual support. Can’t wait to see what the future will bring!
Georgia Holloway – Gradute 2018

I have just recently completed the 16 week set ready course with Veronica and I can honestly say that I’ve learned so much in such a short space of time! For someone who has never done hair before, I really am quite proud of what I achieved under the guidance of Veronica. Her knowledge and skill is second to none, she strives for perfection with each of her students and gives everyone so much help in the lead up to portfolio week to ensure everyone’s work is as perfect as it can be!
I have already had a couple of jobs thanks to Veronica, and some more in the near future, which I am really looking forward to! I would highly recommend this course to anyone who is serious about getting into the industry!

A huge thank you to Veroncia for all the amazing opportunities that we have received so far!

Abby Bonner – Graduate 2018

I have recently completed the 16 week course and it has exceeded any expectations I had and fulfilled any doubt i ever had about joining the course. Veronica is so encouraging and supportive throughout with everything we learn, making sure we understand and pushing our skills to the best of our abilities to seek perfection. Even after finishing my 3 year degree at university, my confidence has definitely grew through the course, feeling more comfitable with my knowledge in this industry than when I left uni. Veronica’s industry skills and knowledge she provides her students is exceptional and the experiences you can get through the course are amazing.
I cannot recommend this course enough for anyone wanting to learn Film/TV Media make-up. After being so hesitant to join the course after finishing uni, It was honestly the best decision I have made. You will not regret joining this course!

Nancy Lloyd  – Graduate 2018

First week done at MAKUP Academy and I am absolutely loving it!! I seriously cannot believe how much I have learnt just in this first week!

Even after completing a 3 year degree in Specialist Hair & Media Makeup, I have learnt so many basic core skills and techniques that I never knew. From the simplest things about how to be more professional, the perfect foundation, application, colours and more!!

This course is honestly beyond any expectations I had and I highly recommend it to anyone who is interested in learning media makeup. I cannot wait for the weeks to come to learn even more!!!

Nancy Lloyd – Gradute 2018

Enrolling into the MAKUP academy was hands down one of the best things I have ever done. To study under somebody like Veronica who is so talented, patient, and a human fountain of knowledge to the make up artist craft is not only an amazing opportunity but it’s a rewarding one too!

I studied the 16 week set ready course. And it was one of the best decisions I’ve made! From somebody who had never put eyeshadow on anybody! Going through each module I built upon my newly trained skills, layering on top of layering as my confidence grew so did my new talents.

It didn’t just stop their, Veronica is a perfectionist and will always push her students to do better and improve! With the 1 on 1 training you get at the Academy you really do flourish!

During my 16 weeks at the MAKUP Academy I found my self welcomed to a little family with Veronica and the other 4 students. You become close, you become friends and you work as a team and I’m so proud of myself and the other students for what we accomplished during the course. All of our portfolio images turned out amazing!

Since graduating the Academy a few weeks ago and having completed my new CV I’ve already had job opportunities within the industry!

Lance Breakwell – Graduate 2017

Just wanted to say how impressed I was with Megan on 101 Dalmations. She handled the cast in a very mature manner. From day 1 she was on-the-ball and enthusiastic. She had a week pre-REP with me, helping make facial hair. She was very proficient and did sterling work. Having popped in over the run of the show, I was really impressed with how everything was looking and being maintained. I know she’s very keen to continue in theatre and I will hopefully be offering her more jobs.

I’d also like to recommend Veronica McAleer’s MAKUP Academy in the Custard Factory (from which Megan was a graduate) as a future provider of eligible makeup candidates for Birmingham REP productions. The standard is very high and very focused on producing work-ready staff.

Andy Whiteoak – Head of Wigs and MakeUp at The Birmingham Rep Theatre

Worked with three students on a film shoot and they were fantastic. incredibly professional and some of the best quality SFX make up we’ve seen!
Natelie Evans – final year student at Birmingham City University 2018

This is the best place to train to be a MUA!!! Veronica is an amazing teacher, patient, kind and constructive, getting the best out of her students. You learn so much in such a short time and get supported as you start your career in the business. 5 stars!!!

Helen Lawton – Competition Winner’s parent

Thank you for taking so much time to speak to us yesterday at your Open Day and for giving our daughter some very sound advice. Your students are a credit to you too.

Penny Mitson – Open Day Visitor

I recently graduated from The Makeup Academy. In fact I graduated in February 6 months ago and through the MAKUP Agency I have already found myself  in paid jobs, working on One Love, the Bob Marley musical at The Birmingham Reperatory Theatre and  Dumbo the new Tim Burton film being filmed at Pinewood studios.

On top of all these amazing opportunities I have just landed an aapprenticeship at the Birmingham Royal Ballet.

I find this absolutely crazy considering I did a degree in London for 3 years, which amounted to a lot of money on fees and living costs which wound me up in a bar job a year after graduating, doing nothing that related to my degree.

That is what is so special about Veronica and her academy, not only the amazing level of training but the support that you receive afterwards. At university you’re in classes with 30+ people,it is almost impossible for your lecturers to help you on your journey afterwards, which can be terrifying, but Veronica makes it her job.

When you sign up for her course, it is not signing up just for that 4 months of training, you’re signing up for her agency too, where she is constantly finding you work experience, different opportunities and pushing you to do as much as you can. This is exactly what you need when you are fresh in to the industry.

Lizzie Neary – Graduate 2017

The great thing about the course is not only the excellent training, but the support you are given by Veronica afterwards. Since leaving the course Veronica has given us great contacts in the industry, which has lead to work opportunities I know I would not have achieved on my own. Not only does she give us good contacts, she is constantly sending us applications and upcoming opportunities to apply for.

In 6 months I have worked on a theatre production in Birmingham which lead to my name being passed on for cover on the Miss Saigon tour. From this cover work I was then offered to stay for the full run of the tour – all of this from contacts that Veronica set me up with.

We have also all done work on a huge film -“DUMBO”, which I am so grateful for! I feel very lucky to have been taught by Veronica, someone that is still so present in the industry and willing to pass on her expertise, it is very rare to come by.

Lizzie Neary – Graduate 2017

Over a year since I have graduated from the Academy, I never expected to still receive job referrals from Veronica. I have gained the best experiences and contacts which this Agency provides, not to mention the incredible training and continual support from Veronica herself. I really could not have expected more. Highly recommended for people who are serious about this industry!

Leannah Carer – Graduate 2016

I have recently graduated from the 16 weeks set ready course and I have never felt such accomplishment before. Enrolling into the MAKUP Academy is one of THE best decisions I have ever made and I am forever grateful to have had this opportunity to have the knowledge and support from Veronica.

Having Veronica as your tutor really sets you in the right direction, somebody who is so passionate about the makeup industry and having 30+ years experience really reflects on the training you receive. I can say that i am genuinely proud of the work that I have produced and could never have imagined i’d say that! After studying a 2 year college course in Hair and Media Makeup I can honestly say that I have learnt above an beyond more doing this 16 week intense course. There is nothing better than Veronica’s one to one tuition, not only is she amazing at what she does, she really does push you to be the best at what you do and ensure every little aspect is perfect in the work that you produce, I am eternally thankful for the knowledge, support and patience I have received.

Having graduated at the MAKUP academy, i have received job opportunities within the industry already.
I am so proud of myself and the 4 other students for what we have achieved, during this time you become so close and the support you give each other alongside Veronica really does make this journey special.

Megan Hipkiss – Graduate 2017

I recently graduated from the MAKUP Academy after completing the 16 week set ready course and can honestly say it was the best and most rewarding thing I have ever done! I feel so blessed to have been taught by Veronica who is not only an incredible make up artist and designer but also an amazing tutor.

With the training I received at the academy, I can genuinely say myself and the other students have achieved things we could’ve never even imagined before starting the course. With the amount of patience and knowledge that Veronica provides at the academy, I feel confident heading out into the industry and feel ready to tackle whatever is thrown at me! Seeing my skills build throughout my journey at MAKUP was amazing and I wouldn’t have been able to do it without Veronica and the impossibly high standard of one on one training that she provides. Veronica gives everything she has and more to her students and has been so incredible throughout our journey, helping me to build a CV and portfolio that I can really be proud of and thanks to that, I have already had work experience opportunities in film, theatre and fashion and am currently looking forward to 2 weeks experience on a period TV show. I will always look back on my time at MAKUP with happiness and I have come away with confidence and even more passion for the industry, as well as lifelong friends.

Alex Fitzgerald – Graduate 2017

I just wanted to thank you all for the work your students did for my MA Fashion Design final degree show here at Birmingham City University.

The girls were amazing and made the models look gorgeous. I was very impressed with their professionalism throughout the whole process.
Everyone was really impressed and would love to work with the girls on projects in the future.
Many Thanks
Debbie MoorhouseLecturer at Birmingham City University

Hi Veronica,

Just thought I’d drop you a line to say how delighted Pip and I were with Jessica during BFilm Micro’s Proof of Concept teaser shoot for Augmental.

Not only did she create some excellent and highly believable effects including bruises, cuts and a bullet entry wound, Jessica was also a model professional on set. Calm, assured, always engaged and with an engaging personality, we would definitely use Jessica in the future.

Thank you for all your help; the shoot went really well and we will be using the POC along with the script to attract finance for the full feature film.

Paul Green – Producer

Veronica is the most amazing hair and makeup artist whose passion for her job is truly inspiring. Veronica’s set of skills go way beyond just hair and makeup; she is talented, ambitious, hardworking and creative. Not only is she truly gifted at her job but she dedicates so much time, energy and patience to her students to the extent that you feel you are getting one to one tuition. Veronica will always go above and beyond for her students ensuring that we get the best portfolio images possible. Veronica will always push you to strive for perfection. I believe this standard of teaching is not something you will get at any other institution but only at Makup Academy. Veronica has all students’ interests at heart and I think this is one of the main reasons her academy stands out. Personally, I feel I am now set ready and confident and this is down to Veronica’s teaching. I have had so much fun at Makup Academy, it has been one of the best experiences in my life to date and I have learned so much in the last four months. I now look forward to doing Veronica proud in my future endeavors.

Kara McAleer -Graduate 2016

Hi Veronica ,

Firstly ..Thank you! They were brilliant. Very professional throughout, were great with the performers and communicated well too. I know I may have taken them out of they’re comfort zone. As they had said they are used to having a design to work from and not used to making it up on the spot. But I gave them some guidance but more importantly let them have free reign. I said id step in if I didn’t like what they were doing and that never happened. As soon as the performers were ready and off they were straight in cleaning brushes and clearing up. I would gladly work alongside them again and they were a real credit to you and your school.

Andrew Whiteoak – Hair and make up designer for theatre

Have absolutely and thoroughly enjoyed learning and developing new skills on this 16 week course. It has got to be the most intense thing I have taken on and the most rewarding.
I have gained more knowledge, experience and skills in these few months than I have in years of studies. To anyone who thought makeup was simple and easy, I challenge you to take on Veronica!
I have already been given work experience opportunities during and after this course, which I have confidently taken on thanks to the intense training I have received at MAKUP.
I speak on the behalf of all the students when I say I am very grateful for the generosity and support Veronica has shown and has given me and all the other students. I have gained so much insight into the creative world Veronica has created and worked hard for over 30+ years, and has so willingly shared with us.

To anyone who see’s a future for themselves working in this field and interested in any of the courses available, I highly encourage taking on this stepping stone at MAKUP Academy.

Léannah Carer – Gradute 2016

I graduated from MAKUP in July 2016 and it has been one of my most rewarding experiences so far. I am really looking forward to my first placement as a trainee for two weeks in September on the set of a Period drama for Tv. I Have already received four other on set experiences, two films, one fashion show and a theatre experience.

I have achieved two 1st place awards and 2nd place overall when I entered the National Make-Up Awards competition at the Beauty uk show in May 2016 for my prosthetics and hair work all thanks to Makup academy, I was given exceptional support and encouragement through all my experiences. The most attractive aspects of the course for me are the one on one tutoring, and daily hands on learning. I have enjoyed learning special effects and character make ups, I love the transformation into a character that we created. I also loved hair cutting, having no background in hairdressing, Veronica made it easy for me to understand hair and gave me the confidence to create some great characters. If you love make up and are interested in becoming part of the film industry I would not hesitate to recommend makup academy. I am so proud to say I am a film and television make-up trainee. It has been the best learning experience of my life so far. I will take with me the patience, kindness and outstanding knowledge from the most amazing make-up designer and tutor who will not hesitate to truly devote herself to the course and her students. Veronica goes above and beyond. I have achieved so much already creating more opportunities for me to succeed in this industry. Thank you for the opportunity to become an outstanding trainee. I will make you proud, honoured to be a part of the MAKUP academy family.

Jessica Southall – Gradute 2016

Veronica is great!

Veronica is amazing at what she does and literally knows everything…

So if you’re ever stuck it need help together she would help you work it out.

I love the fact the class was only small which meant I was getting my money’s worth and getting lots of one to one tuition, and the help and guidance I needed.

The class wasn’t paper work and homework, it was fun, relaxed and really beneficial.

I’ve walked away with so much knowledge and confidence for this industry now and it’s all down to a really great teacher.

Doing this course also has opened up doors for more work experience which I have loved and hopefully it leads me to great things!!!

Skye Gough – Graduate 2016

paul“Veronica is a brilliant teacher and brilliant hair and makeup artist. If you want to learn the craft of film and television makeup get yourself enrolled on her course.”
Paul GoochBAFTA winning Hair and Makeup Designer, currently working for Tim Burton.

marrisse“If you wish to become a professional makeup artist, you will find no better teacher. I speak as someone who has worked with Veronica and been hugely impressed by her talents. Take a course at MAKUP Academy and open the door to an exciting career in the world of film and TV.”
Marrisse WhittakerCo–owner of Orion TV Ltd.

astrid“I worked with Veronica in the past. If you want to learn the skills of a makeup artist, and the ins and outs of this industry, I can’t imagine a better person to learn from than Veronica.”
Astrid SchikorraResident Hair and Makeup Artist, Royal Opera House, Covent Garden.

janita“Veronica is amazing and anyone wanting to learn about wigs and makeup in TV and film this will be by far the best choice.”
Janita DoyleHair and Makeup Designer for Film and Television.

Having a mentor like the award–winning Makeup and Hair designer Veronica McAleer and maintaining a strong relationship with her has led directly to my work on the feature film ‘The Call Up.’ This was one of the biggest productions that I have worked on so far. It helped me develop my skills further and build my confidence in the larger scheme. I enjoyed working within a team of other make up artists as well as working closely with the costume department, this overall experience helped me to achieve better results.

Velina Iankova – Student 2014 / 2015

My experience at the Makup Academy has been incredible! Doing the intensive 4 month set‑ready course has nurtured and improved my skill base dramatically. Veronica is a first class tutor and I feel privileged to have someone with so much talent, industry experience and passion to be my mentor.
Through Makup Academy I have not only received the best possible training, but also paid work experience on a feature length film. Working alongside such talented cast and crew has given me invaluable experience, all of which would not have been possible without Veronica’s support and contacts.

Matt Simpson – Student 2015

Veronica is a first–class tutor — she has patience and knowledge abundant and is happy to share her wealth of experience from her successful career; I found her long and short course enjoyable, informative and fundamentally invaluable.

Kelly Forbes – Student 2014