The latest cohort of MAKUP students have completed the first week of training at the Academy and they already feel at home!

Each student has their own story of why they chose the MAKUP Academy – here are four more:

Eleanor “After studying media (film work and editing), I went travelling in Australia for 6 months before returning to the Cotswolds. I decided that I didn’t want to continue studying media, and started to look at university courses like this. I wanted to do something similar, but for a shorter period of time – and involving less debt! This was the first course that came up when I searched online. It is a 2 hour commute each way, but it is totally worth it! I was really impressed by all the positive feedback on the website, the professional work Veronica is known for and what she has done for her students. I met some past students at an Open Day and they said that the experience you get from MAKUP sets you up for the future. The start of the course has been really interesting and has taken me very much out of my comfort zone – it’s a good challenge!”

Billie-Jade “I did a year at university studying journalism and media, and found it wasn’t for me. I had seen makeup courses in London, but the prices put me off. I found MAKUP online and thought Veronica’s way of teaching would be great. The course is really well-known – I spent a day and half working on “Game of Thrones” in Ireland and all the girls had worked on “Dumbo” and were aware of Veronica and the Academy. Coming to the Open Day and meeting Veronica convinced me to join, and I then worked for a year to save the money to do the course. I have found the start of the course intense but amazing. There’s no “gentle” introduction, you are in at the deep end! It really gets you motivated! Also, everyone feels really comfortable at the studio and with each other – we’re like a little family!

Hannah “I am a hairdresser in Birmingham, working at an award-winning salon. I heard about MAKUP through a client who is friends with Veronica. She mentioned her last hairdresser being flown out to Hollywood for an Awards Ceremony – and I asked “how do you get that job?!”. Having always been interested in make-up, I decided it was time to take the plunge. After 9 years in purely hair-dressing, I feel completely out of my depth – but in a good way! The course is already really insightful – from the first day there has been so much information to take in. I would really like to work on movie sets one day”.

Nicole “I did hair and media makeup at college, and for a year at university, but then left and went into office work. I soon realised I’d made a mistake! My Dad is in the industry and he found this course online, then we came in for the Open Day. Reading the student and client reviews about Veronica really convinced me to join – and everything that has been said is completely true. I’m hoping to gain confidence by learning more skills and gaining experience. I’m so excited! This feels so fresh and new – it feels like a course for “grown-ups”. I’m hoping to eventually work in film and TV studios”.

It is great to hear that news of Veronica’s MAKUP training is spreading and brilliant to see her students settling in so quickly.

The Academy offers exceptional yet affordable training in all aspects of hair design and makeup. All students receive personal attention from Veronica McAleer, twice Oscar-nominated Makeup Designer. The Academy offers two 16-week Intensive Set Ready courses per year aimed at beginners and improvers plus one day Taster sessions and also regular, free Open Days for anyone who wants to find out more. Please visit the website

If you would like to pop into the studio and find out more about the next course, please contact Veronica.

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