MAKUP founder Veronica McAleer is an internationally acclaimed, Oscar nominated and Emmy award winning Makeup and Hair Designer.

Veronica McAleer

Veronica McAleer

At the MAKUP Academy, as part of the 16-week Intensive Set Ready course, Veronica trains her students on essential period makeup, hair styling and wig dressing.

This module covers fundamental period skills in makeup application and hair styling techniques on live heads, wigs and hairpieces. The aim is to develop an eye for period details and also to experience creating a selection of the authentic period looks most commonly used in the industry.

Students explore different eras from the 16th Century to the 1980’s, learning the reasoning behind each method of styling, and how best to utilise them for future projects.

For the past few weeks the Class of ’17-’18 has been learning all about hair and makeup styling for the 1920’s through to the 1960’s.  Some students proved to be a natural at finger waves and pin curls, while others perfected the Flapper Girl’s smoky eye. With Veronica’s support and guidance, the students have all perfected the flat crown and their application of a bowed lip.

For the classic ’60s feel the class learned how to backcomb up a stunning beehive, wing eyeliner like a professional and hone the perfect pale lip.

The students have loved learning these specialist techniques, plus Veronica’s personal hints, tips and golden rules.

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“The British Film Industry is renowned for its high standard of work in Period Films. Being able to dress and apply wigs and hair pieces, complemented by a beautiful or character correct period hair & make up will make you very employable.”

Veronica, MAKUP

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