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Matt Simpson

Matt Simpson

Why did you choose Makup?

Firstly, there is no other makeup academy like it in the Midlands. Makup Academy Birmingham specialises in makeup and hair training specifically for film and TV, which is exactly where I want be working. Secondly, the course is run by Veronica McAleer, who has over 30 years of industry experience working with high profile actors such as Paul Bettany, Anne Hathaway and one of my favourite actresses, Judi Dench. Oh, and I forgot to mention, Veronica won an Emmy and was nominated for two Oscars! All of these factors made my decision to expand and nurture my skill base at Makup Academy a rather easy one!

What work experience did you receive at Makup?

More than I could have wished for! I had various placements including a music video, a Theatre production, a short film called ?Locust? and a feature film called ?She Who Brings Gifts? starring Glenn Close and Gemma Arterton. ?She Who Brings Gifts? was an incredible experience, on which I was lucky to work on almost half of the production. As well as making up supporting artists and experiencing life on set, I got to spend time with the makeup designer, Nadia Stacey, and her main team. All of these invaluable work placements would not have been possible without Veronica?s training at Makup and her industry contacts.

What advice can you give to students looking at training as a film and TV makeup artist?

Pick your course wisely! I know other makeup students that have done three-year courses and have had no relevant makeup work placements and general lack of portfolio images. If you are serious about working as a makeup artist in film and TV, you need the best possible training, guaranteed relevant work experience and an outstanding portfolio-all of which Veronica offers at Makup Academy Birmingham.

My time at Makup has been absolutely incredible! On set experience, outstanding training and I now have great portfolio images to present to potential employers showcasing my skills. Now, I am looking forward to the next film job!