Professional Makeup Courses


Are you interested in a career as a makeup artist in film, TV or theatre? Are you a serious student of media makeup? Are you about to finish 6th form? University, apprenticeships, work or a gap year aren’t for everyone. Some young people appreciate practical, in-depth makeup artist training.

However, our hair and makeup courses in Birmingham are not just for those embarking on their career. Are you considering a career change? Have you always wanted to be a makeup artist? Are you working as a hairdresser, but feel ready to expand your skills? Have you already done a makeup training course, but can’t get any work?

In addition, for professionals who want to refresh or keep their skills up-to-date, improve their occupational and personal knowledge and attitude, our engaging professional makeup courses are perfect for staff development.

At the MAKUP Academy for Film & Media Makeup we offer exceptional yet affordable training in all aspects of hair and makeup training for film and TV. All students receive personal attention from Veronica McAleer, the internationally-acclaimed, twice Oscar nominated, Emmy and RTS award-winning founder.

Veronica does most of the makeup artist training herself. This hands-on approach has the additional benefit for students that they receive personal guidance and mentoring from one of the top celebrity makeup artists who is still working in the industry. Veronica’s expertise means that she truly is the best possible teacher in this field at the moment. Now is a golden opportunity for serious students of film and TV makeup to be trained by this BBC-bred expert.

MAKUP provides high–quality, intensive makeup artist courses in Birmingham, augmented by practical work experience. Each of these elements enhances every student’s understanding, skills, portfolio and career opportunities.

One of Veronica’s missions is to highlight the technical skills actually entailed in the world of specialist hair and media makeup. To succeed, a professional media makeup artist needs a broad set of skills plus the right ability, aptitude and attitude.

Veronica also provides the most cost-effective makeup training courses in the country. Other organisations providing similar training yet charge between £2,000-£4,500 more for 1-2 weeks’ less training.

MAKUP provides top-quality, intensive and above all practical professional makeup artist courses which are delivered in small classes of 8-10 students. This small group teaching ensures a personalised learning experience. In addition, students receive unique training on Set Etiquette, Continuity Skills and Portfolio Building. Finally, there is no need for students to pack up their station, it is their’s for the duration of the course – continual days spent training on the same module ensure retention and progression.

MAKUP offers a variety of courses for media makeup artists covering basic and advanced makeup skills, as well as specialist subjects such as The Art of Illusion – Blood and SFX, Introduction to Prosthetics, Period Makeup, Hair and Wigs, Facial Hair and Knotting, Haircutting, Blow-Drying and Mens Barbering and Contemporary Hair and Makeup. There is a 16-week, Intensive Set Ready course aimed at beginners and those looking to improve. Short Film Makeup courses are available for those wanting refresher or top-up training in specific areas and the Academy also offers a 1-day taster course. Be ready to start work as a film makeup artist in 16 weeks!

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