Set Etiquette & Portfolio Building

Also available as a single module


This module is designed to maximise your job opportunities by pulling together everything that you have learned in order to produce a series of professional images which showcase your skills and abilities. You will be continually mentored during this final week, with the aim of making you, your CV and your online makeup portfolio stand out. Veronica will ensure that you have both the attitude and credentials you need to make a career as a successful hair and makeup artist.


  • The principles of makeup tests and camera tests
  • Terminology used on set, and awareness of the various roles
  • Set etiquette
  • How to break down a script for continuity and character purposes, and create an artist continuity chart
  • What equipment you need on set, and how to look professional
  • What you could earn and what to expect when you first start out
  • Basic bookkeeping skills, and how to register as self-employed (formerly Schedule D)


  • Makeup test practice – create four looks over five days
  • Camera test practice – refine and perfect your looks
  • A stunning collection of your four looks, captured by MAKUP’s own professional photographer, to include in your online portfolio


This module  can sometimes include a week’s break during which you are expected to conduct your own research and preparation for your images.

(The Set Etiquette & Portfolio Building module is not available as an individual module)

16 Week Intensive Set Ready Course

16th March 2020– 24th July 2020 – £8,500 (dates include three weeks of school holidays).

21th September 2020– 29th January 2021 – £8,500 (dates include three weeks of school holidays).

" The Set etiquette module teaches you an awareness of how to behave, what to do and when to do it. When I am recruiting make-up trainees for films, the attributes I look for are Ability,Attitude and Aptitude, to have an A Star in all of these will single you out above other, for that all important first opportunity. This module also provides you with the opportunity to create five professional taken images which will demonstrate a cross section of your core skills. These portfolio images are essential to demonstrating the standard and variety of your skills and individual creativity. No one will take a chance if they don't need to, so don't leave it to chance, come to MAKUP - we look forward to teaching you. "

Veronica McAleer - Course Director


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Need to know

Enrolling at MAKUP is easy – just fill in the form online or call us if you have any queries. You must be 18 or over to study at MAKUP. However, there is no age limit!

If you are accepted, you will then be asked to pay a deposit of 10% of the relevant course fee. This will secure your place. This deposit is non–refundable. Six weeks prior to commencement you will be asked to pay the balance in full.

Please note as a special exemption,to accommodate January 2016 PCDL applicants,the balance less the deposit can be paid no later than one week before the course commences. Potential students applying on this basis will also receive their deposit back in full if they cannot secure a PCDL.

All other applicants must comply with our regular terms and conditions. We accept payment by credit or debit card. Please ring our office on 01212 965 230.

Late bookings must be paid for in full.

None — we start with the basics.

All you need is passion, a conscientious and positive attitude, and the ability to take constructive criticism.

Upon completion of the course, you will be awarded with a Certificate of Completion for your relevant course.

The classes will be limited to ten students, maximising your contact time with Veronica and the other tutors.

Veronica will use her bank of industry contacts to help you as much as possible with work experience once you have completed your course.

Unpaid work as a makeup trainee may well be the bulk of your opportunities at the start, which will help you to build on your existing skills; as well as providing you with invaluable contacts.

We host regular open days, where you can look around the studio, chat to current students and try out some mini workshops. Visit the Dates And Events page for details of our next open day.

All products are provided as part of the course price. All the products are currently used in the industry, and can be found in Veronica’s own makeup kit.

All modules run from 10.00am to 4.30pm, Monday to Friday.

We do not provide accommodation. However, with three universities, Birmingham is very student–friendly city, and you won’t struggle to find affordable accommodation.

For the majority of the course, students practice on each other. During the Portfolio sections of the course, you will need to bring in your own models.

No. The makeup industry is a practical environment, and the training we provide gives hands on experience and learning in the practical assets of the job. With Veronica’s years of experience and industry contacts, you won’t be missing out.

The set etiquette and makeup portfolio course provides you with a vital awareness of how to behave on-set, what to do and when to do it. This module also gives you the opportunity to make an online makeup portfolio. You will create five professional images which represent you and demonstrate the core skills that you have mastered.

These makeup portfolio images are essential to proving the standard and variety of your skills and will exhibit your unique style and passion as a makeup artist.

For an industry which operates largely by word of mouth, a professional makeup artist portfolio, a positive attitude and being “set ready” are crucial in getting you noticed and – even more importantly – getting recommended.

In order to produce the perfect hair and makeup portfolio, you will learn the principles of makeup tests and camera tests. You will absorb the terminology used on set and awareness of the various roles. You will be taught the rules about film, TV and theatre etiquette and how to act while on-set. These rules and filmmaking best practices are to ensure the safety of both the cast and crew, and can to help with communication.

You will be taught how to break down a script for continuity and character purposes, and create an artist continuity chart, and you will learn what equipment you need on set, and how to look professional. Importantly, Veronica will explain what you could earn and what to expect when you first start out. Furthermore, she will provide you with invaluable bookkeeping skills, and explain how to register as self-employed.

As part of the set etiquette and makeup portfolio course, you will participate in a makeup test practice and create five hair and makeup looks over five days. You will take part in a camera test practice in order to refine and perfect your looks. You will then be given a stunning collection of your five looks, captured by MAKUP’s own professional photographer, to include in your online makeup portfolio. Visit the Gallery for photos of hair and makeup looks created by students for their makeup portfolios.

Contact us if you are considering a career as a professional makeup artist, or looking to build on the skills you already have.

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