Haircutting, Blow–Drying and Men’s Barbering

Also available as a single module


Hair cutting, styling, trimming hair and blow drying are essential core skills for a hair and makeup artist (indeed, industry specialist Paul Gooch stated in an interview with MAKUP that it’s one of the key attributes he looks for in a makeup trainee/junior).

Our hair cutting course at Makup provides training and practice in styling men’s hair for contemporary looks and on how to blow dry hair, as well as demonstrating how to cut men’s hair to achieve a short back and sides look for period productions.


  • Health and safety for model care and use of products
  • The principles of cutting and trimming using scissors, thinning scissors and razors on male practice heads
  • Long hair trimming and cutting in long and short layers
  • Beard trimming with clippers and scissors
  • Textured and layered hair cutting for men
  • Men’s short back and sides cut, with scissor over-comb techniques and clippers
  • Hair continuity for TV and film purposes
  • How to record products, equipment and method of styling used in Television

16 Week Intensive Set Ready Course

16th March 2020– 24th July 2020 – £8,500 (dates include three weeks of school holidays).

21th September 2020– 29th January 2021 – £8,500 (dates include three weeks of school holidays).

This module is also available as a 2 Week Short Course – Dates TBC – £1,200

" Hairdressing and cutting goes hand in hand with make-up, especially within theTelevision industry, where makeup artists are required to do both disciplines. Male actors will need their Hair cutting regularly for continuity reasons, or Period Productions such as the 40’s film “Charlotte Grey” require barbering skills for short back and sides, or shaping facial hair. Confidence in this area will directly influence whether you are hired or not. "

Veronica McAleer - Course Director


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Need to know

Enrolling at MAKUP is easy – just fill in the form online or call us if you have any queries. You must be 18 or over to study at MAKUP. However, there is no age limit!

If you are accepted, you will then be asked to pay a deposit of 10% of the relevant course fee. This will secure your place. This deposit is non–refundable. Six weeks prior to commencement you will be asked to pay the balance in full.

Please note as a special exemption,to accommodate January 2016 PCDL applicants,the balance less the deposit can be paid no later than one week before the course commences. Potential students applying on this basis will also receive their deposit back in full if they cannot secure a PCDL.

All other applicants must comply with our regular terms and conditions. We accept payment by credit or debit card. Please ring our office on 01212 965 230.

Late bookings must be paid for in full.

None — we start with the basics.

All you need is passion, a conscientious and positive attitude, and the ability to take constructive criticism.

Upon completion of the course, you will be awarded with a Certificate of Completion for your relevant course.

The classes will be limited to ten students, maximising your contact time with Veronica and the other tutors.

Veronica will use her bank of industry contacts to help you as much as possible with work experience once you have completed your course.

Unpaid work as a makeup trainee may well be the bulk of your opportunities at the start, which will help you to build on your existing skills; as well as providing you with invaluable contacts.

We host regular open days, where you can look around the studio, chat to current students and try out some mini workshops. Visit the Dates And Events page for details of our next open day.

All products are provided as part of the course price. All the products are currently used in the industry, and can be found in Veronica’s own makeup kit.

All modules run from 10.00am to 4.30pm, Monday to Friday.

We do not provide accommodation. However, with three universities, Birmingham is very student–friendly city, and you won’t struggle to find affordable accommodation.

For the majority of the course, students practice on each other. During the Portfolio sections of the course, you will need to bring in your own models.

No. The makeup industry is a practical environment, and the training we provide gives hands on experience and learning in the practical assets of the job. With Veronica’s years of experience and industry contacts, you won’t be missing out.

During this module you’ll learn about hair equipment, products and hair pieces, giving you the confidence to work on a variety of media looks suitable for red carpet events, media presenters, TV talk shows, and male grooming. The hairdressing training and blow dry course is also perfect for those who wish to embark on careers in wedding freelance, retail, photographic makeovers, and corporate and private events.

You will also learn about health and safety good practice for model care and when using products and tools. Our hair stylist courses incorporate the principles of cutting and trimming using scissors, thinning scissors and razors on male practice heads. We cover long hair trimming and cutting in long and short layers.

Our hairdressing training covers beard trimming with clippers and scissors and textured and layered hair cutting for men. We train on a men’s short back and sides cut, with scissor over-comb techniques and clippers and male grooming.

Our hair training courses is also a blow dry training course. We cover hair and styling techniques using blow dryers, tongs, straightening irons and heated rollers, plus a range of hair products, hair continuity for TV and film purposes and how to record products, equipment and method of styling used in Television.

In addition, during our Facial Hair & Knotting Course you will learn the fundamental elements required to make, apply and extend existing facial hair to a standard high enough for HD cameras.

For example, how to apply lace facial hair such as a moustache or sideburns, the principles of trimming and tonging facial hair, as well as how to remove, clean and block for future use. We train on how to make templates for your own bespoke facial pieces, the principles of knotting your own piece of facial hair and the importance of making the right choice regarding character and period using our extensive visual resources.

Furthermore, you will find out more about hair cutting for beginners our hair blow dry course in our Essential Contemporary Hair and Makeup Module and our Essential Period Makeup, Hair & Wigs Module.

We cover fundamental period skills in hair styling techniques on live heads, wigs and hairpieces. The aim is to develop an eye for period details and also to experience creating a selection of the authentic period looks most commonly used in the industry. Students explore different eras from the 16th Century to the 1980’s, learning the reasoning behind each method of styling, and how best to utilise them for future projects.

The students love learning these specialist techniques, plus Veronica’s personal hints, tips and golden rules. The British Film Industry is renowned for its high standard of work in Period Films. Being able to dress and apply wigs and hair pieces, complemented by a beautiful or character correct period hair & make up will make you very employable.

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